Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Two-Habitat And Conservation

Project #2: Habitat and Conservation

1) Find 2 closely related species and give the scientific name and a brief description of each.

2) The general habitat of your animal. Does it have a broad or narrow niche? (pg 19-20 in text)

3) The reason your animal is endangered.
Burgeoning human population and its own needs are pushing the tiger out of its habitat. Increasing human-tiger conflicts often lead to retributive killings
Poaching is also a serious problem. Humans have hunted all tiger sub-species since ancient times. 
Tigers are poisoned, shot, trapped and snared, and the majority of these animals sought to meet the demands of continuing illegal wildlife trade – which includes traditional Chinese medicine. 
Between 1999 and 2003, poachers in India alone killed over 100 tigers and by 2004 wiped out all 28 in the world famous Sariska tiger reserve.
4) What would happen to the other species in the habitat if your animal went extinct?

5) Give a description of a possible zoo habitat for your species